A Question

If they have just swarmed, how full was the super above the brood box?

Combs are precious

What you need do, I was told, get thin ,unwired foundation, and cut it in half diagonally. Later, if the …

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My beekeeping career seems to be and has be influenced by two WWs: William Woodley; Walt Wright. This an interesting …

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hexagonal beeswax comb

Is Liquid Beeswax Possible At Room Temperature ?

This blog ponders the idea of is liquid beeswax possible at room temperature? This train of thinking has come about because my sections of honeycomb came to nothing. The bees wanting nothing to do with drawing out comb and filling them with honey. How can I remedy the situation?

Honeyjars on stall

John Is Not His Real Name

John is not his real name, and nothing about him is authentic. He comes from Afghanistan, and sells olives as well as variations upon the olive theme.