Beehive Yourself: Why The Face Lift?

Why The Face Lift Beehive Yourself dot co dot uk?
Beehive Yourself WhyTheFace Lift? - Beehive Yourself Dot Co Dot UK

Beehive Yourself: whytheface lift?

What am I talking about?

Well Beehive Yourself dot co dot uk has revamped its website big time! I am not exaggerating.

By clever use of website design, the visitor is presented with a large hive.

Beehive Yourself - Honey Jar Contact Page

But that’s not all:

The components of the hive are divided into distinct sections, and each section leads to something intriguing.

For instance, the contact section whisks you off to a large jar of honey.

Coming back to my question. Beehive Yourself: WhyTheFace Lift?

Herb Steven
Herb Steven – Beehive Yourself Webmaster

The site’s owner, Herb Steven, discovered that the load times of the landing page was very slow.

Not only that, Google was starting to rank for speed and mobile friendliness, which at the time Beehive Yourself was performing badly.

So a major overhaul began.

Plugins ditched, photos reduced in size and a new cache added.

Still, it didn’t end there.

The Beehive

WBC Hive - The Inspiration for the Beehive Yourself Landing Page

Furthermore, Herb felt that the site needed something else.

He got to work and built a hive.

“It didn’t start off as a hive”, Herb explains, “I created a series of banners on my landing page to indicate what Beehive Yourself was about.”

“But then I noticed the similarities between the shape of the banners and honey boxes on hives. This gave me a light-bulb moment and I set to work.”

Herb continues, “I made cut-outs of hive photos and turned white the corners of the banners to create rhomboid shapes. And hey presto, a hive was born!”

Herb didn’t stop there, he extended the landing page with a Find Out More section, which really sets the scene of Beehive Yourself’s work.

Beehive Yourself Shop Product List

“I am really proud of our work. But it’s not just the appearance, I hope visitors will find the site easy to use.

“With the shop, for instance, we condensed the products down into a single product list, so shoppers can quickly choose what they want and move onto the checkout.”

I love what Herb has done, but don’t take my word for it, visit the site here.

Beehive Yourself - Beekeeper Icon

Post Script…

Keep and eye on Beehive Yourself Dot Cot Dot UK because they plan to launch new labels for their honey in 2020.

Take a look at their articles on this topic: here and here

Beehive Yourself: Why The Face Lift?

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