Product Photography Course – Ardington (Start-Ups and Small Businesses)

Cut Out of An Old Camera, Old Camera Drawing. Product Photography Course

Product Photography Course: if you need high quality product images but can’t afford a photographer, then please consider this course.

Cut Out of An Old Camera, Old Camera Drawing. Product Photography Course

This tailored course is designed to provide you with the skills you need to photograph your own products in your own home/studio/working space. 

We will be looking at the available kit you have in order to be able to photograph your products in a consistent style that fits with your brand:

  • Introduction – opportunity to discuss your current situation and aims for the course in order to be able to tailor the day around photography needs
  • Understanding the basics/fundamentals of photography – looking into your photography kit that you are/not currently using
  • Backdrops – looking into the available/best options to fit in with your brand
  • Lighting – crucial to product photography – understanding and applying these elements to create professional images
  • The course will be full of practical exercises where you will be capturing images using a plain background that fits in with your product
  • Lifestyle images – people by on emotion (here we will identify a setup that fits in with your brand – creative style of photography using props – ideal for websites/magazines/PR/social media and leaflets)
  • Your setup at home – discussing the practical elements of space, lighting and kit that you have at home to be able to apply your skills in an environment that will work for specifically for you
  • Action Plan – at the end of the course not only will you have images to take away with you.  You will also have a clear action plan to setup up a mini working photography space to continue to capture images in your own working environment/home as and when required
  • Course Details: £175 – venue:  Loyd Lyndsay Rooms (10am – 4pm)

You can contact Jackie here for more information about this Product Photography Course. Or use contact details below. The aim is for this course to go ahead February 2020.

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If this course resonates this you, then do please enrole and make it happen.

P.S. I hope to use the skills acquired from this course to promote a new product, and I am researching honey jars (see more).

Product Photography Course – Ardington (Start-Ups and Small Businesses)

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