How Can I Make Life 10X Better?

How Can I Make Life 10X Better?

I am sitting in front of my desktop computer with the whole day in front of me. How many decisions, however small will I be making? I suppose hundreds.

How Can I Make Life 10X Better?

All Decision Made Equal?

The question is are all decisions made equal? Do all decisions have the same impact? Some might be pretty mundane and won’t result in anything spectactular. Some decisions might just consume time and attention. Others have consequences both bad and good.

If today I became mindful of every decision I am about to make, would this change my life 10X?

Maybe, but what are you going to do before making a decision? What filter are you going to put each decision through? It seems pointless to spend brain-cycles evaluating whether I should brush my teeth today.

What Are You Trying To Achieve?

Nonetheless, a decision’s value must be related to what I am trying to achieve? I am lacking a focused vision and if I had one, assessing each decision becomes easier.

Some decisions relate to how I spend time. Avoiding time wasting activities and minimising time consuming activities must be a good policy.

Others relate to which domino I push over to get a desired outcome.

Tools I Need

Is it possible to focus on decisions which produce big positive outcomes? Furthermore, even is a decision doesn’t bring a big outcome, could it provide the tools to gain big positive outcomes?

The tools I might need might come in all shapes and size: money, social contacts, machinery, knowledge.

The Path and What to Bring

Creating a vision to make life 10X better, is a decision I could take today. Once I know which pathway to take, I know what to pack on my journey.

Put the kettle on, because I need to brainstorm!

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