Is Liquid Beeswax Possible At Room Temperature ?

This blog ponders the idea of is liquid beeswax possible at room temperature?

Liquid Beeswax Room Temperature

The Reason For This Train Of Thought

This train of thinking has come about because my sections of honeycomb came to nothing. The bees wanting nothing to do with drawing out comb and filling them with honey. How can I remedy the situation?

Cheating at The Definition

I want to cheat with my definition of ‘liquid.’ I don’t mean liquid like water is at room temperature, but just spreadable. For clarification, I don’t mean hot and runny beeswax at room temperature.

beeswax at room temperature

The Idea From Two Observations

What brought me to this thinking is two observations. Firstly, when making beeswax balm, I heat up the beeswax and oil so both are liquids. Then, as they cool down I keep stirring. This results in a soft and spreadable texture for the balm.

Secondly, watching videos of beekeepers prepping plastic foundation, they either dip the foundation into a vat of liquid beeswax or they paint it on with a brush. In addition, one beekeeper uses a crayon of beeswax which he rubs onto the foundation.

Possible Methods

Notwithstanding more orthodox methods of applying beeswax, what if beeswax became spreadable? Here’s my hypothesis. If beeswax became spreadable, it could be smeared onto the plastic foundation or with sections, along the top and sites. This seems a convenient and portable way to apply beeswax. The bees possessing readily available beeswax, are more likely to draw out comb.

Here’s my ideas about making spreadable beeswax, but experimentation is required. What if beeswax is heated to a liquid and as it cools back to a solid it is constantly stirred? Would it be spreadable or solid?

If we don’t win the jackpot with that method, what if we apply some oil to the liquid beeswax, then apply stirring until solid? Would to bees accept beeswax which has an oil content in it? How much, and which oils, are bees happy to accept with beeswax?

hexagonal beeswax comb

To Work With Experimentation

Making spreadable beeswax is doable during the cold months when I have time. However, trialling the spreadable beeswax will have to commence in the spring.

What do you think? Is liquid beeswax room temperature a good idea? And would you try experimenting with the methods above? Let me know in the comments below.

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