Beginnings of the Lockinge Estate

This is a short blog on the beginnings of the Lockinge Estate. This text will form part of a large body of work about William Woodley, and much of the source material comes from M.A. Havinden’s book called ‘Estate Villages’.

I envisage publishing the next installment of written work on William Woodley soon. The text below consideres one of the three changes to life in Beedon in the middle of the nineteenth century.

In summary, one change is the enclosures and the other is agricultural depression. The last change is the acquisition of Beedon by the Lockinge Estate, and you can read it below.

Beginnings of the Lockinge Estate

Lewis Loyd purchased the manor of East Lockinge in 1854, and at the time, he considered this acquisition an investment. Robert Linsay, a hero of the Crimean War, married his grand-daughter Harriet, in 1859. Resultantly, Loyd commenced the creating Lockinge Estate because Lindsay had no land of his own.

The Loyd family bought land in and around Lockinge as it came on the market. The land acquisition continued until 1890 and the Lockinge Estate extended beyond Ardington and included Downland villages.

Beedon, Stanmore and Worlds End became part of the Lockinge Estate, along with its cottages and farmer labours. Mr Woodley rented his cottage from the estate.

In summary, that is the beginnings of the Lockinge Estate all be it in a nutshell. The people living in the estate villages benefited from the estates social philosophy.

Nonetheless, life was hard for the agricultural labourer and Mr Woodley wrote frequently highlighted their plight. The advent of modern beekeeping in the early 1870’s aspired to aleviate the plight of the rural working poor. That aspiration never came to pass.

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