3 Things To Win A Chunk of Time After Dinner

I discovered 3 things to win a chunk of time after dinner and they are my three S’s: Self-discipline, Stimulant (caffeine) and Short Sleep.

I am a creator and I need large blocks of time. To borrow Paul Graham’s ideas, I am on makers time and not managers time.

Working from home and it is a busy household. We all create housework and we have household chores. Often the world of the housekeeper interferes with the world of the creator. Parts of the house need to be spotlessly clean before I can make.

Often, creating shrinks into small shards of time and becomes unusable for that purpose. The problem can be getting exclusive access to a shared space or keeping a particular space free. One problem area is the kitchen, because dishes get in the way and work surfaces get dirty.

In addition to a clean working area, I need blocks of uninterupted time to be able to make. The evenings can be good opportunity because teenagers and my wife drift to their respective bedrooms and settledown.

The downside to the evening opportunity, is that I feel sleepy at this time of day. This is in part down to eating the main meal of the day but also to my body’s natural rhythms.

My 3 Tips

  1. Self-discipline. Set your focus to the evening task, and consider why you have to do it. Set your intention that you are working this evening. (On a related subject, see my blog on biases)
  2. Drink caffeine straight after dinner. I consume a black expresso with coconut milk.
  3. Then soon after that, take a 20 minute nap. Consider setting an alarm because this is a short rest.

Then, no ifs and no buts. Get up and get going.

I win back 2 to 3 hours of time after dinner with this technique, and my important work gets done.

Do you have any tips for working in the evening? Let me know in the comments.

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