What Makes Now? November 2019

‘What makes now’ is a mindfulness idea, for reflection upon the experiences which make now.

The best way to do this is to focus on each of the five senses, and reflect on experiences of each month. This a personal exercise, and naturally, your experiences will be different to mine.

Below, I go through my ‘what makes now’ experiences, and hopefully you get the idea.

The Sight

There’s a large tree in our neighbourhood with shocking golden-brown leaves. I leaves are providing most of the interesting colour.

The Sound

The sound can be anything, even that song stuck in my head. At the moment it is ‘All I’m Made Of’ by Eliot. There is something haunting yet James Bondesk about it. Interestingly, it might be the only song she ever released. If you know anything about this artiste, let me know in the comments.

The Smell

I baked/steamed two Christmas cakes and two Christmas puddings. The smell of dried fruit, spices and citrus peel, sends me into a daydream of Christmas’s past.

The Taste

The weather is getting cold and we have experienced a lot of rain. There is a primevel need to hunker-down, keep warm and eat carbohydrates. I love the toast made on the range of our wood-fired Rayburn. Yet I can go one better by topping this toast with mature cheddar, and popping it in the oven for ten minutes. It satisfies a winter need.


In the coming months I might add other categories to ‘What Makes Now?’, and one idea is to focus on a favourite space or place. I am sure that after a few months of doing this exercise, a pattern emerges as to what makes now for me.

From this, could I build a profile about what makes now special for me? Would any patterns emerge and could I find similar/heightened experiences?

So from today, I am building a better now.

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