Fabulous Maximus

Did anyone ever exist called Fabulous Maximus? But why the question?

Someone told me I was ‘fabulous’ mainly because of an act of kindness I had shown to them. If I really was ‘Fabulous’, that would be an awesome name.

It sounds Roman, and both words are of latin origin. The etymology of fabulous comes from latin, and means ‘celebrated in fable.’

But let’s supe-up the first name Fabulous by adding Maximus as the surname. Many Roman emporers had maximus after their name. It is the superlative form of the word ‘great’.

Sadly, this name is broken latin. Fabulous Maximus might mean the ‘greatest celebrated in fable.’ Although, its latin syntax is wrong, and to make it correct the latin it would have to be ‘fabula maximus.’

This syntax problem explains why my research has drawn a blank on finding the man ‘Fabulous Maximus.’ Eddie Izzard believes there should have been an ‘Emporer Fabulous’ and I am with him.

To parody the famous spartacus scene – ‘I am Fabulous!’

I am ‘Fabulous!’

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