Kettlebells Daily and Strictly

I made progress with my fitness and physique using a kettlebells regime performed daily and strictly.

Each morning I perform a warm-up set with one minute of kettlebell bell swings at a low weight (18kg). Then four sets of kettlebell swings, each being eight reps long, and with a twenty second interval between them. I use a heavy weight of 30kg.

I am mindful to perform each rep strictly. Using low reps and is an incentive to keep the movement strict. Strict reps ensure good contractions and promotes muscle development.

My kettlebell routine is an intensive exercise and I am always out of breath after doing my routine. During the three months of performing this regime of kettlebell swings, my abdomen, back and chest have developed considerably.

To conclude. Never underestimate the advantage of doing the same exercise everyday, although this is frowned upon by most trainers. Likewise, performing kettleswings strictly is far superior to the amount of reps you can do. So use kettlebells daily and strictly.

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