How My Meditation Got Better

Here’s how my meditation got better. Although, maybe this post should be titled: ‘how meditation made me better.’

I started a morning routine about two years ago. Each morning, for twenty minutes, I meditate and I do this by focusing on my breathing. I breath in for the count of 4, hold my breath for the count of 7 and breath out for the count of 8.

Two years ago and during my meditation sessions, my mind would wonder. The wondering would take the form of a succession of short, random thoughts. Over time, I got better at pulling my focus back to my breath and journeying into deeper mediation.

Now I no longer get a success of short, random thoughts, but instead I daydream. I wrestle my mind back to my breath but sometimes thoughts can be persistent.

Sometimes I have to take firm action on a ruminating thought and I do this by befriending it. I learnt this technique when I listened to a podcast featuring Sathi Bahcall.

I give the thought a character name, for instance ‘Mr Daydream’, and I thank him for bringing the thought to my attention. The character is asked whether he has anything more for my attention. If he doesn’t, I ask him if we are done? Usually this is the end of the thought.

The best benefit of daily meditation is that I am less reactive to events and I have a considered approach to my actions. I made the choice meditate each day and meditation has made me better.

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