We Need Six Eggs

Our flock of hens lay two eggs each day but once they laid six eggs or more. We miss those days.

Armed with two cardboard boxes we visited Oxford Poultry, and brought home four hens. I shut the four hens in the coop, and a few hours later we let them out.

Four new hens because we need six eggs.
Hetty and her hen.

Feathers and tallons flew as the pecking order became reordered. The hens called a truce before dusk and we helped the new birds into the coop.

This week the hens will learn about the treadle feeder. Currently the training-bolts are now set on the feeder, and the treadle does not move. The week after next the bolts will be adjusted so the treadle moves a little. And after that, the bolts will be removed, and the hens will operate the feeder themselves.

The four hens are young birds and at the point of lay. My hope is for six eggs tomorrow but I think I will get two.

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