Lyrics: Pirates – Entertainment For The Braindead

Pirates – Entertainment For The Braindead Don’t you see my eye-patch and the parrot on my shoulder,Don’t you see the broadsword on my belt,I don’t plan on staying in this bay,Gonna take what I need and sail away,I hear that’s what pirates do, [Chorus 1] My ship doesn’t need no anchor,My crew doesn’t need no […]

Is Liquid Beeswax Possible At Room Temperature ?

This blog ponders the idea of is liquid beeswax possible at room temperature? This train of thinking has come about because my sections of honeycomb came to nothing. The bees wanting nothing to do with drawing out comb and filling them with honey. How can I remedy the situation?

Beginnings of the Lockinge Estate

This is a short blog on the beginnings of the Lockinge Estate. This text will form part of a large body of work about William Woodley, and much of the source material comes from M.A. Havinden’s book called ‘Estate Villages’. I envisage publishing the next installment of written work on William Woodley soon. The text […]

Why Should Beekeepers Trap Wasps in Spring

Why should beekeepers trap wasps in spring? The problem I am hoping to address happens in autumn which is a squadron of yellow jackets attacking your weakest colony of honeybees. You can mitigate the problem by narrowing the hive entrance to one bee-space. If the wasp-attack is still persistent, place a clear material at the […]

Kettlebells Daily and Strictly

I made progress with my fitness and physique using a kettlebells regime performed daily and strictly. Each morning I perform a warm-up set with one minute of kettlebell bell swings at a low weight (18kg). Then four sets of kettlebell swings, each being eight reps long, and with a twenty second interval between them. I […]

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